Monday, July 28, 2014

Argentina Week 6 (July 28, 2014)

Hola! todo bien!? This week was good! We didn’t have much time in Pto.
Esperanza because of a lot of traveling, but everything is good!
Transfers are here and I am still waiting to see if I’ll be staying or
going to a different place! This week we worked on trying to
strengthen the members and make goals to get couples married and prepare for
the temple! Within the next two weeks we should have 2 baptisms and
weddings so these next week should be great! We are also working on getting
more priesthood holders because at the moment we only have one. We
have two investigators: Fabian and Daniel, who could potentially get
baptized and they are awesome and we also have the family with
Paulina, Mirta, and Yasmila who have came 2 Sundays in a row so they
are interested! We are excited to see what happens this week!  I am feeling better and better with the language it is still hard at times but I can communicate with people so that
is good! In the six weeks I’ve been here I think I’ve given 4 talks in church! hahaha
a ton! Its hard sometimes because we don’t know we are speaking until church starts ! This last talk I gave I didn’t use any notes I just went up there and spoke! My companion and I bless and
pass the sacrament every week too! There are leaders who come from a different area who teach Sunday school, but if they don’t come then we have to teach it too! We celebrated the one year anniversary of the mission this week!! i have been trying to keep my weight down! We actually woke up early one day this week and ran for like 30 minutes, I don’t know if i can do
that again haha yeah it felt good after but I am still sore. We have a goal to start
working out really hard every morning and get in good shape! Some members fed us BBQ! It was amazing!!! Finally food like I used to eat! Haha!! Everyone you see that i know, tell them to email me!  I hope everyone is doing awesome back home and staying safe! I love you
all!!!!! Looks like I'm staying in Puerto Esperanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Argentina (Week 5) July 21, 2014

I love you guys!!!! This week was a lot better as far as our
investigators and getting people excited for church!! We did not have
any baptisms and Ybonnas mother said we can’t come to their home
anymore, but that is okay because I know Ybonna wants to be baptized
and just needs some time! We have 14 new investigators and we have 3
that are super capo! (cool) the mom and two daughters are preparing
for the 16 de August and I think I already mentioned one of their
names a few weeks ago, but their names are Paulina, Yasmila, and
hermana Mirta who is the mother. We are still trying to find a way to
talk with the husband but he is never there or when we come he always
leaves! We had 5 investigators at church and they loved it. I forgot
we actually have Fabian, and Daniel and his family who want to be
baptized on the 16th too so the next few weeks should be great! I hope
my companion and i can have another transfer here cause this is a
great place!! We have been trying to strengthen the members too and
things have been going well! I love you guys and I hope you have a
great week!!! I am glad everything is doing great and I love seeing the
pictures of the house i want to see more!! I LOVE YOU

Monday, July 14, 2014

Argentina (week 4) July 14, 2014

Hola!! This week was good!! We have some good investigators and are
trying our best to keep them moving forward!! they are having some setbacks, but this week hopefully we can help them overcome their
challenges! We have one named Ybonna who hopefully will get baptized
at the end of this month, if not early August! Actually we have a few
who could potentially be baptized then! It is pretty difficult! We have one family who are
the most active but they don’t really know of a lot of people so we do not get referrals. We have
a lot of investigators but none who really want to commit.
We have been trying to find hombres and families and hopefully we will be more successful
this week! Normally we go door to door but it is weird cause you need to clap for
people to come outside and they usually are busy doing something or
are just too lazy haha.  Argentina is crazy when it comes to soccer games, I mean
the whole city goes into the middle of the street and blasts music!  It
was crazy these past few days! It is super crazy when Argentina wins! The people go absolutely berserk!! I can pretty much understand everything, only some things that are new
like appliances and words used on the street but I am getting better! My companion actually loves basketball!!! We don’t think it costs
anything to get into this nice indoor court but we will see another day when
it is open! I would do anything to play with a new rim!
haha!  I have been trying to teach my companion more English! He is
learning pretty well!!Most of his music (hymns) are in Spanish but he loves English, so he knows
songs in English but has no idea what any of the words mean. P-day we shop for food, mostly milk, cereal, rice, and bread and we have been eating at this one place and having empanadas a lot!I usually have cereal for breakfast, and then lunch empanadas usually or bread, and dinner
we either make something or try to go to a members house!  We are
starting to pay one of the members to make us meals everyday so I am
excited for that! My favorite food here (pic)! its called revido!
I have met 2 people who can speak English and one of them comes to church
every once in a while! We ate lunch at his house once and he is cool!
He is not very religious and needs some time but he is a cool person. I need to go soon, I LOVE YOU!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Argentina Week 3 (July 7, 2014)

Thank you mommy and daddy, I have felt the love this week, i am just
trying one day at a time! This week was good but it rained a lot and
when it rains not a lot of people want to come outside, and we only
had one family at church on Sunday. We only have Sunday school for
the first hour and sacrament meeting for the second hour! I have a
picture of the church, it is a little salon! Me and my companion are
getting along well and my Spanish is slowly improving! My companion
 said one night i talked in my sleep in Spanish!! I am so
excited for Jonah and Summer! That is awesome dad that you and Jonah
went to the temple together! This week I have really been trying to
get the three languages down! Portuguese and Spanish are similar but
the other is nothing like Spanish or anything i have heard of! To say
how are you is vy shin dadera! hahah it is crazy! I am learning little
bits of it but don't have any books or things to study for it. Today
was fun we went to El Dorado and played volleyball with our zone and
another zone! We have a basketball in our apartment and these past
Pdays i have played a little bit! I don't like wearing my basketball
shoes because the ground is red and makes everything red that touches
it! We have a few potential baptisms these next few weeks one whose
name is Paulina and she is 14 and has came to church and is interested
but we still need to get her mom to attend! Also we have Sabrina,
Martina, and Ybonna who are all sisters and are interested and all
might be baptized the 26th of this month! I wanna say happy birthday
Kyle and Mommy and Brayden!!! I hope that you guys have the best
birthday ever!!! I love you guys sooooooo much!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Argentina (Week 2) June 30, 2014

Hello everybody! My second week in Argentina was good! we have tons of
investigators and are very busy everyday! My companion and I get along
very well and I am starting to understand the language a little better
day by day! We had 10 investigators come to church on Sunday and our
members are strong! Our members are all part of the same family and
there are like 20 of them! We always go to familia bogadins house to
have a meal, i forgot what it is called but it is good! Here they
really only eat lunch haha so that is a little weird! We have some
strong investigators, who i know some will be baptized on the 19th of
July so i am happy for them and they are making some great progress! I
 am glad to hear everything is going well back home and i hope everyone
has another awesome week!

 I forgot to tell you earlier in the week i accidentally kicked a pine
tree and it went through my shoe and through my foot! it hurt very