Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015

Hello family, How are you? I hope everything went well this week! This week was a little bit crazy, we had to travel to Posadas on Monday and our area is the farthest from the office so it takes a long while to get there, on the way there we had something crazy happen. We took a nap on the bus and when we woke after about 2 hours we look outside and there's a big line of cars in  front of us and we see a big group of people, a huge number of people about the size of a football  and we ask people what's going on and they said there is a protest because the people want more money so we're sitting there on the highway and I guess there was miles and miles of cars just waiting for this protest to stop so we were stuck there for 4 hours! The people were acting crazy screaming stuff and then finally the police came in and then they start breaking everything up and then finally after 4 hours we started going again and then when I got there I learned I didn't have to be there until the next day!!  So we did divisions with elders Duke and Munoz in their area and the next day I went to the office and did some paperwork stuff to keep me legal and that was really quick, didn’t take long at all, then we went to a nice buffet on the way back, it was like the same thing as Tacanos the Brazilian place in Utah where the waiters come around with meat and ask if you’d like MORE!. It was the best food that I have ever had on the mission so far, felt like I was in the United States again!! Then Thursday after a long drive, back to our area.  It was a long trip!! When we got home Thursday we met with a few people. Friday we met with some investigators and Saturday we are just inviting a lot of people to church trying to get everyone ready. Yesterday we met again with one of our investigators to be baptized not this coming Saturday but the next, her name is Neilda she is 15 years old and she lives with members in the ward, something happened with her family and so she lives with a member family and she's really awesome she understands everything that we teach she was is so excited to be baptized she also wants to serve a mission! We also have been teaching Roberto he should be getting baptized in about two weeks but he needs to come to church two more times and he didn't come yesterday so we have to move the date. Church was great and I give a talk on how we can have the spirit more abundantly in our lives, little things that we can do every day to help, serve and bring people to Christ. We had another investigator come to church I don't really know her very well yet, I've taught her once, I think she liked it too. I hope you guys are safe and I hope work went well! I love hearing from everyone! I love you guys! Another thing this week, I had my 9 month mark! Over 9 months now in the mission which is kind of crazy! Time is flying by I am considered old now! Not a baby anymore! My companion is really good, I love the guy and we  have a lot of fun together.  I am really skinny still! Skinnier and skinnier, I am gonna try to gain back some weight! We eat well in this area! I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I love you guys so much please be safe this week! I love you!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hello!!!! Wow this week was crazy!!! I am going to be transferred and
will be leader of the zone!!!! I am a little nervous but I know I will
do well!! I have an American companion and he also served in my first area
when I first got to Argentina!!!! I am excited!! My zone inst very big
but I heard the area is super good and that my compànion is too!!! My
comp right now is going to stay here another transfer and he will be
with an American also!! I guess in my new area the missionaries get
fat!! hahah! Maybe I will gain some weight! I am very sad to leave
here and I know that the members will be too! I am glad that on Sunday,
Rumi finally had her boyfriend come to church and he loved it!! I gave
the gospel class and gave a talk without having to prepare anything
lol!! I am very grateful for the opportunity I have to be a zone leader
and help other missionaries out!! Right now I feel horrible have the
worst headache I have ever had in my life and I feel week so I am
sorry I am not writing very much! Hopefully next week I will be
recovered and will have the strength to write more!!! I love that
Kayden is lightning it up with his poop!! He is awesome!!! I hope you
have a safe week and keep me in your prayers so that I can do well as
a zone leader please!! This is also the first time Elder Nielsen and I
are being split up!!! We are very sad but hopefully we will be comps
one day in the future!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS BE SAFE!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hello everybody!!! Wow how much I love everyone!! I cant believe we
are in 2015!!! That is crazy!!! Happy New Years!!! New Years in
Paraguay is crazy!! There were soooooo many fireworks i cant even
believe it! There are no laws really so the people do whatever they
want with their fireworks! but it sure didn't feel like home! There is
not the holiday season spirit here haha!! But all was well we ate a
ton of food!!! People always ask me if we ever have barbecues cause
they have them only on special occasions and I tell them that its
normal to have a steak or chicken 3 times a week hahaha! This week
went well for us! It was a little crazy only cause it is the holidays
but we are doing well! We are still waiting on our baptism cause the
lady doesn't have her documentation! We are patiently waiting! A few of
the days this week people didn't really wanna talk to us but we never
got down on ourselves we just kept going and finally towards the end
of the week people started talking to us and we had some success!! As
we were walking the streets people would call us over and be like what
are your names!? And we had some great lessons with people who are
very interested in the church!!! Hopefully some of those people will
progress and learn more about the church! We had a great Sunday and I
went up and bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how every
member needs to read the book! The prophets wrote everything for our
time and we can learn soooo much things from them!! When we are
reading the scriptures we increase our knowledge and also we have the
spirit with us! Those are some of the blessings we receive when we
read! The biggest blessing is the testifying truth that Jesus really
came to the Americas and taught the people! There is no doubt in my
mind that he came! I encouraged them to test the Book of Mormon and
see how they feel when they read it! I encourage everyone back home to
to read the book and see how much you learn and how much more you feel
close to your Heavenly Father!!! I love you all and please be safe
this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rohayhu eterei!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Week

We did not get a letter or pictures from Dallen this week due to a change of day for his P-day and computer issues he was having there. He sent a short message that he would send a long letter and lots of pictures on this coning Monday's P-day (tomorrow).

On Christmas day we loved spending an hour with Dallen on skype!! Here is a clip of him and his brother Kyle talking to each other in Spanish!!