Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3, 2015

We had a super busy week. It was transfer week and I love transfer week, it is so fun. It was super sad to see a lot of my dear friends go home on Tuesday, I will miss them. Later Tuesday we went back to the airport to pick up a batch of new Elders and Sisters and this group is amazing! They are so excited and eager to work! I had a really good time working with them and their trainers! We have a few new Americans! It will be a very busy month, President will be interviewing every missionary, he started with us and I truly love the time I have with him during interviews, He is a great man!! He is very smart and wise! We will be traveling all month working in many areas of the mission, we are excited! I love you all!! Tell everyone to write me and send more pictures!! I cant wait to see pictures of Kyle & Amanda's baby! And I cant wait to hold Kaden and Brayden!! They are getting so huge! Love you all so much!!

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