Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hello everybody!!!!!!! This week was a good week for us here in
Paraguay! We have been working hard here and trying to find more and
more people to teach! We talked to this one investigator who is very
spiritual and she told us this week that she had fasted for 40
days!!!..... hahaha I was very surprised when she just told us that
lol! We have been working well with the less actives and had some at
church yesterday!!! They told us they felt very good to be back in
church and feel the spirit!! My companion and I gave a class on Sunday
to all the investigators and it went really well!! We talked about the
church and how it was restored and how it is still the same today, as
to when Jesus came to earth and established his church! There are
still a bunch of less actives who say they will come to church but
haven't come yet. but it is all good cause if we keep exciting them to
come they will have a change of heart and come again!! We were going
to have a baptism this week but we had to change the date cause of a
few problems but next week we could have it!! My comp and I are doing
well and are trying really hard to keep things moving forward here in
the ward! The primary program was yesterday and it was sooo cute!!! I
gotta say though the ones back home are better! hhaha! One thing I
have been working on this week is trying to develop more Christ like
attributes because Jesus was the perfect example for us and we should
be trying everyday to be better as people! Once we do this, we will
progress everyday and we will see a change within ourselves! One thing
I have been loving while reading the scriptures is how much of a boss
Jesus was and how He was with the people! Also if we are doing little
things everyday, other people will see our light and will want to have
a change too!!  love you guys soooo much and I hope everyone has a
safe week!!! I am starting today to learn a lot of Portuguese! I have
already learned a good amount in guarani! it is soooo hard to speak it
though!!!! I love you guys!!!!! Please be safe!!!! Happy
Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more grateful for you and for
everything you have done for me! The family is the most important
thing in life! I love you more than anything!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hello everyone!!!! This was another good week for us here in
Paraguay!!! I gotta say that Paraguay is the best place ever!!! the
people here are sooo nice and they really just don't have worries about
anything hahaha! We still have been working hard here and trying to
get the less actives to come back to church! We have the one
investigating family who really really want to get baptized and they
keep asking us when it is going to happen hahaha! They are super nice
and have been inviting their neighbors to come to church too! My comp
and I are doing well! Sometimes it is a little hard, but we are
getting through things and trying to do the best we can! I have been
trying to learn a bunch of guarani from him cause he speaks it
fluently! I have learned a bunch of phrases and little by little I
will be able to speak it! We met this one lady this week who is very
religious and as we taught her she knew a lot about the church and had
never talked to the missionaries but after talking to us she is super
interested in the church and wants us to come by more and teach her
some more things! She said we have a lot of knowledge and wants to
learn everything lol! The biggest thing this week for us was keeping
the one family prepared for their baptism and making them feel
comfortable with the people in the church! This week my comp and I
gave talks and I talked about the importance of the members and how
every member has a special place in the work of the Lord! I got them
all excited to do missionary work and to share the gospel with their
friends and with their families! I love you guys soooo much and thank
you sooo much for your support!! I am sooo shocked i have another
nephew and congratulations to Scott and Krystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I want to
see a ton of pictures this week!!!!! I love you guys soooo much and
please be safe this week!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11, 2014

Hello everybody!!!! I am glad to hear everyone is doing well! It is
always a treat to be able to read your emails and see how you are
doing! This week was a great week for us!!!! We worked hard this week
with the less actives and with the investigators that we have! We got
a new investigator named Francisco and he was at the house of another
investigator. He said that he drinks all the time and he cant stop and
how he smokes like 3 packs of cigarettes a day. He told us that he
wants to stop and he asked his family to help him. Lucky for him, he
has 2 missionaries that can help him! I told him ohhhh we can help you
in my high pitched voice haha! We made some goals so that he could
slowly stop his addiction and better his health! Sadly he didn't come
to church but he is super interested and wants to change his life! we
did an activity on Wednesday with the little kids in the ward and had
a little obstacle course! Every thing they had to do, there was a
missionary or sister there to teach something about prayer. I was
playing as Jesus and how we finish the prayer in his name because
through him, we get the father! Then they take my hand and jump over
some buckets haha! it was super fun! Something crazy that happened
also was a cow tried to ram us! We were walking past a cow eating, and
I made a noise and it lifted its head up and tried to ram us! hahaha
be careful with cows!!!! We have another investigator named Rumi who
is awesome and she wants to be baptized with her family! The best part
of this week was Sunday when we had 3 less actives in church and 3
investigators! the sisters asked me what did we do!? I told them we
got the midas touch!!! hahaha the 3 less actives were 19 year olds
all from different families, but they just need some animo, "i forgot
how to say that in english!" hahaha but now their families want to
start coming back so we are super excited!!!! we have some baptism
dates for the 6th of December so hopefully we will have another
transfer here to baptize them! I have been studying a ton on trying to
better my scripture skills, and remember important scriptures that
apply to the investigators! My comp and i are doing well!! We are
starting to find the rhythm here! I love everybody!!!!!! Thank you so
much for your support and love!!!! Please be safe this week and i hope
you have the best week ever!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Eddenfield

P-day at the center!! (Mall) Dad would be in heaven here with all the watches for sale cheap!!! And a great family that I love!!! The dad is funny like you dad!!!Teaching the children!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hello everybody!!!!! Thank you so much for the love and I hope
everyone had an amazing week and an amazing Halloween!!!! This week
was good for us!!! We had some amazing lessons and found some new
investigators to teach! We also have been focusing on the less actives and working on getting them back into church! This week we were leaving the apartment and a car stopped us and said that they need us to give their daughter a blessing because she is sick. So we hopped in their car and they drove us to their house and my comp put the oil on her head and I gave the blessing and it was so awesome! Turns out that the sister is a member and their whole family wanted to get baptized but they moved and now they are here and want us to continue to teach them and have them be baptized! It was amazing! The only problem is that they only speak GuaranĂ­ really. They only understand bits and pieces of Spanish so you can get a hint of how hard it is for me to teach them hahah! Good thing my comp speaks GuaranĂ­! The lord is preparing people for us! We got stopped on the side of the street and some guy said he almost hung himself and was showing us the rope he was going to use. In the middle of the street I pull out the book of mormon and shared a scripture with him. He was telling us about the difficulties in his life so I read 2 Nephi 2; 11 and said that we need things to be difficult in this life so we can demonstrate our faith to God! We have taught some good lessons to the less actives and some of them are wayyyy inactive. I feel bad sometimes because I am a little harsh about some things, but they need to know that there is only one way to go and one church to go to! The ward is strong, they have 2 boys that just put their mission papers in and they are helping us out! We have lunch like everyday and the food is amazing! They make some juice thing and it is really good! The members are super nice and the people are nice but have a hard time understanding what we are teaching sometimes. I feel bad sometimes because I walk pretty fast now and I am always telling my comp to hurry hurry!!!! We need to move
move move!!!! I am weird now haha I always need to be talking, I love talking to people!!! For the first time in my mission someone flipped us off lol as we were walking! I did what dad would do, and smiled and gave a thumbs up! We are working super hard in the area and are trying the best we can to learn and learn the way that we can help the ward be more united! That is about all that happened this week, but thank you soo much for all of your support and I hope everyone has an amazing week!!! And Bert hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys soooooo
much!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUU

A trip to the mall on P-day!! NIKE store and Protein powder YES!!!!