Monday, June 23, 2014

First week in Argentina (Week 7)

Hello everybody! The first week has been very different! I made it safely and it was a SUPER long flight! The Mission President and his wife are very nice and we stayed at their place for the first night. That is also where i met my first companion, Elder Vidaurre who doesn't speak any English at all so it was difficult at first. We then took a 6 hour bus ride to our area and it is called Puerto Esperanza and wow it is different from anything i thought! The roads are red well everything is red and there are little dogs running around everywhere and i almost got bit by one the other day! The language has been super tough because nobody speaks English and i still cant speak very well in Spanish. We taught a ton of lessons and there are about 10-15 people in the ward and we got 12 investigators there the first Sunday! That was pretty amazing and we have like 40 something investigators and over 20 baptismal dates! Also yesterday i met the first person who speaks English and i talked to him for a while and everyone is amazed that i speak English lol i am the new teacher for people ages 12-18 every Wednesday to learn English. The food here is different but i eat anything so it is all good! We eat a ton of bread and meals i don't know the names of but they are good. We walk everywhere and my companion walks super fast and it is tough to keep up with him lol. We also went on splits with the assistants and that was fun, they are cool elders! Tomorrow we have our first zone meetingand we are doing splits again with the zone leaders! I was so happy to talk to everyone and i miss you guys soooooo much i love everyone of you and i hope you have the best week ever!

Welcome to Argentina (Week 6)

Dear family informed them that the arrival of the elder Edenfield wing GREAT MISSION ARGENTINA POSADAS was very satisfactorily is now enjoying the best spiritual experiences that may have served a mission sent aver thank you very much for an excellent missionary god bless.
Elder Meniz R. Oscar
Secretario del presidente                                 
MisiĆ³n argentina posadas

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 5 (June 10, 2014)

How is everyone today!? This week has been great, I cant believe I have less than a week left in the MTC!!! This p-day has been great, we have been maximizing our time! This week we have gotten new elders who are awesome and are gonna be serving in the mission next to me! One of the elders is going to be playing basketball for UVU when we get back and it has been fun playing with him! I am super excited for my cousin to be out here!! Thank you for sending me the packages they were much needed! My Spanish is super good now! Our teachers are super amazed because we have gotten through the Spanish book one week sooner than we were supposed to and so this week we are just learning whatever we need! I cant wait to actually be out in the field and talk to the people, I know its not going to be easy, but I always got the Lord by my side!  Monday,we leave at 6 in the morning and go to salt lake for the airport, and im then we will fly to Georgia and have a long layover! The MTC has been an awesome experience and I have learned so much and i am excited to have my own investigators and see their changes!! Thank you everyone for your support, I love you guys!!! Hope this week is the best week ever!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 4 (June 3, 2014)

Week 4!! This week went by fast!! I havent really done anything different this week, we have been teaching a ton and have been trying to get better with the language still!! Congratulations on the anniversary you guys are the best!! Im glad everyone back home is doing well!! I can teach lessons now without having any notes with me which is pretty cool!! I leave on the 16th and hopefully we will get our travel plans on Friday! Only 2 weeks left in the MTC and it has been fun! I love to sing to the investigators because it invites the spirit a ton, and they love it! I have started working out again and im so sore!! There is also new Elders and Sisters coming tomorrow so we will have 8 new missionaries in our zone!! I am Stoked! I absolutely loved the brownies you sent, they were super good! Thank you for sending me so much love cousins! I will send my letters back soon! I have been craving some of Dads salsa! One of our investigators is names Ivelisse and she has such a strong accent it is so hard to understand but we always feel the spirit in the room as we teach! I am still loving my companion and my district also! We are going to be sad leaving each other in the next two weeks. Those pictures are awesome that you put up in the living room, and Brayden is always looking cute as ever! I cant believe he is gonna be walking soon!! I will keep everyone in my prayers and keep me in yours!! I love you all!!! Hope this week is the best week ever!!