Monday, June 23, 2014

First week in Argentina (Week 7)

Hello everybody! The first week has been very different! I made it safely and it was a SUPER long flight! The Mission President and his wife are very nice and we stayed at their place for the first night. That is also where i met my first companion, Elder Vidaurre who doesn't speak any English at all so it was difficult at first. We then took a 6 hour bus ride to our area and it is called Puerto Esperanza and wow it is different from anything i thought! The roads are red well everything is red and there are little dogs running around everywhere and i almost got bit by one the other day! The language has been super tough because nobody speaks English and i still cant speak very well in Spanish. We taught a ton of lessons and there are about 10-15 people in the ward and we got 12 investigators there the first Sunday! That was pretty amazing and we have like 40 something investigators and over 20 baptismal dates! Also yesterday i met the first person who speaks English and i talked to him for a while and everyone is amazed that i speak English lol i am the new teacher for people ages 12-18 every Wednesday to learn English. The food here is different but i eat anything so it is all good! We eat a ton of bread and meals i don't know the names of but they are good. We walk everywhere and my companion walks super fast and it is tough to keep up with him lol. We also went on splits with the assistants and that was fun, they are cool elders! Tomorrow we have our first zone meetingand we are doing splits again with the zone leaders! I was so happy to talk to everyone and i miss you guys soooooo much i love everyone of you and i hope you have the best week ever!

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