Saturday, July 5, 2014

Argentina (Week 2) June 30, 2014

Hello everybody! My second week in Argentina was good! we have tons of
investigators and are very busy everyday! My companion and I get along
very well and I am starting to understand the language a little better
day by day! We had 10 investigators come to church on Sunday and our
members are strong! Our members are all part of the same family and
there are like 20 of them! We always go to familia bogadins house to
have a meal, i forgot what it is called but it is good! Here they
really only eat lunch haha so that is a little weird! We have some
strong investigators, who i know some will be baptized on the 19th of
July so i am happy for them and they are making some great progress! I
 am glad to hear everything is going well back home and i hope everyone
has another awesome week!

 I forgot to tell you earlier in the week i accidentally kicked a pine
tree and it went through my shoe and through my foot! it hurt very

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