Monday, July 28, 2014

Argentina Week 6 (July 28, 2014)

Hola! todo bien!? This week was good! We didn’t have much time in Pto.
Esperanza because of a lot of traveling, but everything is good!
Transfers are here and I am still waiting to see if I’ll be staying or
going to a different place! This week we worked on trying to
strengthen the members and make goals to get couples married and prepare for
the temple! Within the next two weeks we should have 2 baptisms and
weddings so these next week should be great! We are also working on getting
more priesthood holders because at the moment we only have one. We
have two investigators: Fabian and Daniel, who could potentially get
baptized and they are awesome and we also have the family with
Paulina, Mirta, and Yasmila who have came 2 Sundays in a row so they
are interested! We are excited to see what happens this week!  I am feeling better and better with the language it is still hard at times but I can communicate with people so that
is good! In the six weeks I’ve been here I think I’ve given 4 talks in church! hahaha
a ton! Its hard sometimes because we don’t know we are speaking until church starts ! This last talk I gave I didn’t use any notes I just went up there and spoke! My companion and I bless and
pass the sacrament every week too! There are leaders who come from a different area who teach Sunday school, but if they don’t come then we have to teach it too! We celebrated the one year anniversary of the mission this week!! i have been trying to keep my weight down! We actually woke up early one day this week and ran for like 30 minutes, I don’t know if i can do
that again haha yeah it felt good after but I am still sore. We have a goal to start
working out really hard every morning and get in good shape! Some members fed us BBQ! It was amazing!!! Finally food like I used to eat! Haha!! Everyone you see that i know, tell them to email me!  I hope everyone is doing awesome back home and staying safe! I love you
all!!!!! Looks like I'm staying in Puerto Esperanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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