Monday, October 27, 2014

Paraguay October 27, 2014

Today at 2:28 PM

Hello everybody!!!! I have been transferred!!!!! I am now in ciudad del este!!!!! It is a huge huge city!!!! There are like 400 members but there are only about 100 who are active!!! I met my hijo (son) on Thursday and he is from Paraguay!!! He doesn’t speak a lick of English, but he speaks full Guaraní and Spanish so I will be learning a ton of Guaraní!!! His name is Elder Britez!!! The members are super nice and we have lunch like every day!!!! They make sooooooooooooo much food for us it is crazy!!!! They have some future missionaries who will be leaving this next year and they love working with us!!! It feels like
I am a little bit closer to the states! There are nice cars and some big homes! They have a pizza hut and burger king and mc donalds!!! This week we met some investigators and we should have some people at church this next Sunday! We are really going to work with the less actives and try and make their ward more united! I feel very confident now with Spanish it is weird because I feel I can talk to anybody lol! I will go up to anyone and start talking to them! I am loving it here already and am learning soo much on how to be the best missionary I
can be! I am so sorry for those who I did not respond I have no time this week! I love everyone and please be safe! I will have more to say next week when we are settled in our area!!! I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

Mom, I am doing great!!! It is crazy here, the city is huge!!!!! My comp is cool! He is from Paraguay and does not speak a lick of English! I have been learning a lot of Guaraní from him!!
The apartment is brand new and is nice!!! We are working with two sister missionaries too!!! They have helped us this week, because we have not been given a map yet of the area!! We have like 100 people at church!!! My comp and I gave our testimonies this Sunday! And yes I understand everyone now it is just that their accents are different! This new area is huge!!!! You will see in pictures! It reminds me a little of the states! Big food market!! There are Mercedes and I saw my favorite car! The pizza at pizza hut was good (no ranch dressing haha)! Here it is a nice restaurant!!!
People try to sell you everything!!! Everything is super super cheap!!!!!!!! AND LOOK WHO I SAW THIS WEEK!!! It was so good to see Brenan!!!   ROHAYHU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
love you in Guaraní!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ARGENTINA October 21, 2014 Week 18!!!

Hello everybody!!!!! Thank you for all the love this week!!! I am glad everyone is doing well!!! I am doing very well this week!!! We started the week by having interviews with President, and he is so cool, I learn so much from him every time I am around him! We also had the assistants come and talk to us in our zone meeting so that was cool! This week we have been working with the investigators that we have and have really been working with the members and helping them know their purpose in the church! We had 8 lessons with members this week which is really good for our area and we are hoping that they will be strengthened by us and by the other members as well! We have also been going to Wanda and teaching the investigators that we have there! There is a family and they really want to see a church in their area! The only problem is that they tell us they will come to church and they haven’t been once yet. Sunday we had about 14 people at church which is normally the average and I gave a strong talk about faith. Instead of telling them about faith I went to the Book of Mormon and shared the faith of Nephi and also the faith that Alma had teaching the people and baptizing them in the waters of Mormon. I felt I needed to give a strong talk because it was my last Sunday there. So I am being transferred and will be going to Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay and I will be opening a new area and will be training a new missionary!! I am super excited and super excited for this opportunity I have to train and learn more about myself and also really help the church more and more! My comp and I are going to kill the area! We will see what happens this week, but for now that is what is going on! Thank you everyone for your support and for everything you do for me! I love you all!!!! 

I am excited!!!! I can’t believe I am going to train! But I am
going to miss my area!! The crazy part is that Elder Nielsen is going to be in the same zone as me again in Paraguay! In my new area there is McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited for that!!!! I hope I will gain some of the weight I’ve lost hahaha!!!!You won’t believe this but I heard there is like 150 people in my new ward!!!!!!
I am super excited to meet more people and help out the church there!! And hopefully they have laundry facilities! I heard the food in Paraguay is wayy good lol!!! And I will be learning a lot of Guaraní too hopefully!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 17 in Argentina October 13, 2014

Hello all!!!! I am glad that everybody had an awesome week!!!! This
was a good week here in Puerto Esperanza! we worked a ton!! Monday
when we were writing home the power went out and we started talking to
the boss and she recently had a family member die 2 months ago and we
started talking to her about the church and she really wants to change
her life and come closer to God and be reunited with her family after
this life! She has been taking the lessons now, but couldn't come to
church because she was sick:/ we also worked a day in a place called
Wanda and this family stopped us and said," Elders!" turns out they
were baptized awhile back and didn't know where the church was and
hadn't talked to the missionaries in forever! We found them!! We told
them where the church was but they didn't end up coming this Sunday
which was a let down, but they will be nice to have in the group!!! We
have been trying to make the members here more self-sufficient,
because we do everything here and they need to learn how to do things
and help out one another! Also there are transfers this coming week so
we will see if I am going to a new area or if I will have 6 months in
my first area!! Something that was really fun, was working with elder
Nielsen again in my area! We absolutely killed it again! Hopefully we
will be companions in the future! One thing that I have been working
on this week is the Christlike attributes and how I can better myself
as a person! When you are more humble, the more God can work with you!
If you have a hard heart you will not change! I love everybody and
please be safe this week!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
 For pday today our whole zone went to the famous waterfalls, it was beautiful and sunny out today and there were lots of American tourists!! I got to speak some English!!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 Week 16 in Argentina

Hello everybody!!! i am glad that everyone had a great week!!! this
week was a great week!! i have to say for the first time i was
actually excited to watch conference! and i got to watch all 5
sessions!!! this week we have still been working with that family and
they have a date to get married on the 7th of November and then get
baptized as a family on that next day!!! we also worked a little bit
in this place called Wanda which is like 20 minutes from our house,
but it is part of our area! we are going to try to open the area
because we found a family there and they are all super cool and said
that they are going to be coming to church next week!! also, we tried
inviting everyone to go to El Dorado with us to watch the conference!
as a result, we only had 1 person come on Sunday... but he was one of
our investigators and it was really good for him to see the apostles
speak and get to know the church a little bit! that was his first time
attending church! the highlight of the week was conference and there
were a bunch of great talks!!! we were lucky because all of the
missionaries in the zone got to watch it in English in another
room!!!! i have a lot of favorites, but i loved the talk by the Jorg
guy! he was dropping some bombs!! i liked how direct he was and i also
loved the Bednar talk cause he talked about non members of the church
and it was like he was talking to our investigator! i don't have my
notes with me, but i remember on Saturday they talked a lot about the
atonement and repentance, and also the sacrament and how important it
should be to us. i loved hearing the speakers in Spanish and in
Portuguese! the people in Argentina loved it too because they could
actually hear the real voice of the person and not another person
translating for them! this conference helped me grow as a person and
makes me want ot be the best missionary! i am excited for the next
one!!! ohh and the other Americans and i definitely miss having
cinnamon rolls as a tradition for general conference!!! i love
everybody and i hope you have an awesome week!!! please be safe!!!!!