Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 17 in Argentina October 13, 2014

Hello all!!!! I am glad that everybody had an awesome week!!!! This
was a good week here in Puerto Esperanza! we worked a ton!! Monday
when we were writing home the power went out and we started talking to
the boss and she recently had a family member die 2 months ago and we
started talking to her about the church and she really wants to change
her life and come closer to God and be reunited with her family after
this life! She has been taking the lessons now, but couldn't come to
church because she was sick:/ we also worked a day in a place called
Wanda and this family stopped us and said," Elders!" turns out they
were baptized awhile back and didn't know where the church was and
hadn't talked to the missionaries in forever! We found them!! We told
them where the church was but they didn't end up coming this Sunday
which was a let down, but they will be nice to have in the group!!! We
have been trying to make the members here more self-sufficient,
because we do everything here and they need to learn how to do things
and help out one another! Also there are transfers this coming week so
we will see if I am going to a new area or if I will have 6 months in
my first area!! Something that was really fun, was working with elder
Nielsen again in my area! We absolutely killed it again! Hopefully we
will be companions in the future! One thing that I have been working
on this week is the Christlike attributes and how I can better myself
as a person! When you are more humble, the more God can work with you!
If you have a hard heart you will not change! I love everybody and
please be safe this week!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
 For pday today our whole zone went to the famous waterfalls, it was beautiful and sunny out today and there were lots of American tourists!! I got to speak some English!!!

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