Monday, October 27, 2014

Paraguay October 27, 2014

Today at 2:28 PM

Hello everybody!!!! I have been transferred!!!!! I am now in ciudad del este!!!!! It is a huge huge city!!!! There are like 400 members but there are only about 100 who are active!!! I met my hijo (son) on Thursday and he is from Paraguay!!! He doesn’t speak a lick of English, but he speaks full Guaraní and Spanish so I will be learning a ton of Guaraní!!! His name is Elder Britez!!! The members are super nice and we have lunch like every day!!!! They make sooooooooooooo much food for us it is crazy!!!! They have some future missionaries who will be leaving this next year and they love working with us!!! It feels like
I am a little bit closer to the states! There are nice cars and some big homes! They have a pizza hut and burger king and mc donalds!!! This week we met some investigators and we should have some people at church this next Sunday! We are really going to work with the less actives and try and make their ward more united! I feel very confident now with Spanish it is weird because I feel I can talk to anybody lol! I will go up to anyone and start talking to them! I am loving it here already and am learning soo much on how to be the best missionary I
can be! I am so sorry for those who I did not respond I have no time this week! I love everyone and please be safe! I will have more to say next week when we are settled in our area!!! I love you sooooo much!!!!!!!!

Mom, I am doing great!!! It is crazy here, the city is huge!!!!! My comp is cool! He is from Paraguay and does not speak a lick of English! I have been learning a lot of Guaraní from him!!
The apartment is brand new and is nice!!! We are working with two sister missionaries too!!! They have helped us this week, because we have not been given a map yet of the area!! We have like 100 people at church!!! My comp and I gave our testimonies this Sunday! And yes I understand everyone now it is just that their accents are different! This new area is huge!!!! You will see in pictures! It reminds me a little of the states! Big food market!! There are Mercedes and I saw my favorite car! The pizza at pizza hut was good (no ranch dressing haha)! Here it is a nice restaurant!!!
People try to sell you everything!!! Everything is super super cheap!!!!!!!! AND LOOK WHO I SAW THIS WEEK!!! It was so good to see Brenan!!!   ROHAYHU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
love you in Guaraní!!!!!!

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