Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 Week 16 in Argentina

Hello everybody!!! i am glad that everyone had a great week!!! this
week was a great week!! i have to say for the first time i was
actually excited to watch conference! and i got to watch all 5
sessions!!! this week we have still been working with that family and
they have a date to get married on the 7th of November and then get
baptized as a family on that next day!!! we also worked a little bit
in this place called Wanda which is like 20 minutes from our house,
but it is part of our area! we are going to try to open the area
because we found a family there and they are all super cool and said
that they are going to be coming to church next week!! also, we tried
inviting everyone to go to El Dorado with us to watch the conference!
as a result, we only had 1 person come on Sunday... but he was one of
our investigators and it was really good for him to see the apostles
speak and get to know the church a little bit! that was his first time
attending church! the highlight of the week was conference and there
were a bunch of great talks!!! we were lucky because all of the
missionaries in the zone got to watch it in English in another
room!!!! i have a lot of favorites, but i loved the talk by the Jorg
guy! he was dropping some bombs!! i liked how direct he was and i also
loved the Bednar talk cause he talked about non members of the church
and it was like he was talking to our investigator! i don't have my
notes with me, but i remember on Saturday they talked a lot about the
atonement and repentance, and also the sacrament and how important it
should be to us. i loved hearing the speakers in Spanish and in
Portuguese! the people in Argentina loved it too because they could
actually hear the real voice of the person and not another person
translating for them! this conference helped me grow as a person and
makes me want ot be the best missionary! i am excited for the next
one!!! ohh and the other Americans and i definitely miss having
cinnamon rolls as a tradition for general conference!!! i love
everybody and i hope you have an awesome week!!! please be safe!!!!!

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