Monday, September 29, 2014

Argentina (Week 15) September 29, 2014

Hello everyone!!! This week was another good week!!! it was a little
difficult as far as working because Tuesday we had a district meeting
and had to stay and help out the elders in el dorado and then my comp
had an interview to give to one of the investigators of the Hermanas
because they were having a baptism this past Saturday! On Wednesday we
got a call from the zone leaders saying that my comp needed to go to
Posadas to do his paperwork so that he is still legal to be in Argentina.
While he went to Posadas, I went to el dorado with elder Collins!
He is super cool and his area has some beautiful places, I wish I would 
have had my camera!!It was awesome going to a different place and
meeting new people and helping them! I was there until Thursday night and
got home around 10 in Esperanza! Friday we got to work a little bit in
the area but had to go back to el dorado for a singing thing/dance and
there were a bunch of elders there and we sang!! After, during the
dance we ate a ton of food and just hung out! I got to see elder Ramos
which is always awesome!!! He is in the el dorado zone so I will see
him this Sunday hopefully too for general conference!! On Saturday we
worked and taught the family Duarte and they are super awesome!!! We
put a date for their kids to be baptized and then after their marriage
they would get baptized! That night the assistants came and spent the
night at our place and they went to church with us in the morning and
helped us look for our investigators and we got the family Duarte and
one of Mirtas sons who wants to be baptized soon! This is the crazy
part! I sang in church by myself in Spanish!! It was super cool!!!
Everyone thinks I’m like the David Archuleta of Argentina lol! I sang,
 Nearer My God to Thee! It was awesome and I felt good after!!! 
Then last night we taught the Duartes and ended up changing the dates
 of the baptism so that all of them could be baptized
together on the same day! I hope I stay one more transfer so I can be
there for the baptism and confirmation!! There isn’t really much else
or too big that happened this week just a lot of traveling!! But I am
glad everyone had an awesome week and I hope that everyone has another
one!!! I love you all and please be safe!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!

The cute little boy in the pictures will be 2 soon, he is the group leader in our wards son, I  was a little hesitant to pick up the frog lol! hahaha it was gross!!!!
We found another member like 3 weeks ago!! He is so awesome!!!
His name is Carlos Irala!

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