Monday, September 15, 2014

Argentina (Week 13) September 15, 2014

Hello everybody!!! I am glad to hear everything is going well back
home!!! This week was good!! I have a new companion now and his name
is Elder Arevalo! He is Chileno!! From Santiago Chile and speaks pretty good English!! We have been eating a lot of cumpletos!! This week was good! It was sad to see my other companion go though!! My other companion went to a new area and is training again! This week we have been working on cleaning up the map in our room with all of the old investigators on it and seeing if they are still there and will progress! We were extremely happy that we had 22 people at church this
Sunday and would like that every Sunday!! We found a family whose name
is familia Duarte and they are really nice and have been to the church
now two times and had the opportunity to watch a baptism in El Dorado
on Saturday!! The only problem with them is that they need to be
married first! Here there are a lot of people who like living together
but do not want to get married. I don’t understand haha. We have been
working with them and also on the future priesthood holders here in
the area! It is a little hard because we only have one priesthood holder
and one of his brothers is preparing to receive it and his other two
brothers are a little lazy and have gone inactive again. We have been
trying to excite them into coming to church every Sunday but it is a
little hard! We also found a member who lives in an old folk’s home and
he has a hard time walking but we will try getting him to church this
next Sunday! My comp and I get along well and are excited to be
working in this area! It is crazy I have been in this area for like 3
and a half months! For p day today just cleaned the house and had lunch at a members house and then came here got some ice cream, the ice cream is actually really good here, and talked to the person working in the ice cream place and on Wednesday we are going to teach her! It is starting to get a little more humid! It actually rained a ton yesterday!!!! But it was still hot!! It was weird, but today is a nice cool day! I love the hot weather!! I have a little bit of a farmers tan now haha! Hope this week goes like it did last week! I love everybody and I hope everyone has an awesome week and be safe! You guys are the best parents I could have ever asked for!!Love you!!!

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