Monday, September 1, 2014

Argentina Week 11 (September 1, 2014)

Hola Hola!!!! I am glad to hear everything back home is going well!!!
This week was a good week!!! Starting off we had divisions with the
leaders of the zone and we worked a ton here in my area!! We found 16
new investigators and had some really great lessons!!! I learned from
the leaders that I need to be more direct with people so they know our
purpose as missionaries and that they need to know if they want to
keep hearing our lessons and be baptized, they need to do their part.
They need to be converted and do the things they need to in order for
the lord to help them out. Where much is given, much is required and
that is exactly how it is!! We have one really cool investigator whose
name is Arnaldo and he has a ton of questions!!! He is very excited
and he wants to find the truth! This Sunday was a little let down
because it was raining a little and absolutely nobody showed up at
church!!!! it was just my companion and I and we took the sacrament
and left. We were a little upset but we have next week and we are here
to edify the church! Also this week, my companion had to go to a meeting for all the leaders and I
tagged along to Posadas and we all stayed in a 5 star hotel, the 5 star
hotels are different here than back home haha!!  Back home is still a ton
nicer! Other than that it was a great week and I am
excited to see what happens this next week!!!! I love everyone!!! I
hope everyone has an awesome week!!!!!

Pictures from the last two weeks!!


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