Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 (Week 14 in Argentina!)

Hola!!! I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well back home
always!!! I love hearing from every one of you! This week was a good
week!! First we had the district/zone meeting where we met the new
elders and sisters in the zone! We have 1 new elder who is from Texas!
He is the newest one in the zone! He is cool! We had a good meeting
and after I went on divisions with elder Nielsen and it was probably
the best time I have had!! We absolutely killed it!!! One of the best
days!! He is one of my best buds and it was a pleasure to work with
him!! My comp and I have been working with la familia Duarte and they
have been to church now the past 3 Sundays and really like the
teachings and want to be baptized! The only problem is they need to be
married, but this past time talking to them they talked about
preparing to get married and then getting married in the temple!!!
That is soo awesome!! We had 14 people show up at church on Sunday,
but we should have had more! The members decided to buy a ton of meat
and cook it and sell it to other people, so we only had the leader of
the group and his sons there, talk about keeping the Sabbath day!! But
it still was a good day! This week I have been working extremely hard
in gaining my knowledge in the book of mormon and the bible! I have
been reading like crazy!!! i have come to learn that I love learning
new things and learning things that I can use to help others! We had
14 show up at church on Sunday and we had 2 less actives come too
which is really good!! My comp and I have been working really hard in
making everyone more as one and trying to get everyone to hear about the
church! That is one thing I have learned from my companion is that you
need to talk to EVERYBODY!!! He talks to everyone! haha! But things
are getting better and better and I am excited to see what this week
has in store!!! I love everyone and can’t wait to hear from you next
week!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!
Oh I forgot to mention that this week was the independence
week for Chile so we ate a ton of meat to celebrate haha I got sick
for like 2 days lol! I feel better now though!!!

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