Monday, September 8, 2014

Argentina (Week 12) September 8, 2014

Hola Hola!!! it is always great to hear everyone is doing well back
home!!! This week was great! My last week of my training!! It was a
little tiring because we had to be in Posadas until Tuesday night because
I had to do some paperwork but got to spend my p-day with other elders
and it turned out to be fun!! Nothing too crazy happened this week,
but we found out the leader of the group here in Puerto Esperanza does
not have his paperwork from when he received the Preisthood and he performed
one of the confirmations for one of our converts and did some baptisms
in Paraguay, so we might have to do some things over again and maybe
some baptisms here and confirmations too. The papers for the other
members weren’t found in Posadas and so that might have to be all done
again so this next week will be interesting here! My companion and I
are doing well and had 3 investigators at church and they are all
really cool!! The only problem here is that some members are too lazy
to get up in the mornings and are going inactive and we don’t need that
at this point! We are working on finding more and more people that
will progress and that the church here will grow! We have one
investigator who has a heap load of questions and it is a little hard
to teach him because he really has 50 questions each time, but we have
been working really hard! I have been starting to try and learn
Portuguese and GuaranĂ­ and have been listening to the book of Mormon
in Portuguese! It is really similar it is just hard to pronounce the
words lol! I love everyone sooo much and I can’t wait to hear about
your week!! Jacob 7:5 I like it!! Keep doing the little things
everyday and nobody can take you out of your groove! Satan is always
looking for a way to enter our doors but when we use our faith and do
the things we need to he doesn’t stand a chance!

PS. I am really good mom and I am staying in my area for another transfer and my companion is going to a different area called Itouangzu! I am getting my new comp on
Wednesday and his name is elder Arevalo! He was in our zone my first
transfer so I know him a little bit! He has been out for like 14 months and
doesn’t speak any English, not a bit but I am ready hahaha it will help my Spanish even more! I can say a lot now, I wouldn’t say absolutely everything but I am getting there! I am really trying to learn
Portuguese and GuaranĂ­ right now too! I had to pray the other day in
English and it was super hard! I forgot words and mixed them with
Spanish!! haha my comp says sometimes I talk in my sleep in Spanish!!!! I love you guys sooooo much!!

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