Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ARGENTINA October 21, 2014 Week 18!!!

Hello everybody!!!!! Thank you for all the love this week!!! I am glad everyone is doing well!!! I am doing very well this week!!! We started the week by having interviews with President, and he is so cool, I learn so much from him every time I am around him! We also had the assistants come and talk to us in our zone meeting so that was cool! This week we have been working with the investigators that we have and have really been working with the members and helping them know their purpose in the church! We had 8 lessons with members this week which is really good for our area and we are hoping that they will be strengthened by us and by the other members as well! We have also been going to Wanda and teaching the investigators that we have there! There is a family and they really want to see a church in their area! The only problem is that they tell us they will come to church and they haven’t been once yet. Sunday we had about 14 people at church which is normally the average and I gave a strong talk about faith. Instead of telling them about faith I went to the Book of Mormon and shared the faith of Nephi and also the faith that Alma had teaching the people and baptizing them in the waters of Mormon. I felt I needed to give a strong talk because it was my last Sunday there. So I am being transferred and will be going to Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay and I will be opening a new area and will be training a new missionary!! I am super excited and super excited for this opportunity I have to train and learn more about myself and also really help the church more and more! My comp and I are going to kill the area! We will see what happens this week, but for now that is what is going on! Thank you everyone for your support and for everything you do for me! I love you all!!!! 

I am excited!!!! I can’t believe I am going to train! But I am
going to miss my area!! The crazy part is that Elder Nielsen is going to be in the same zone as me again in Paraguay! In my new area there is McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited for that!!!! I hope I will gain some of the weight I’ve lost hahaha!!!!You won’t believe this but I heard there is like 150 people in my new ward!!!!!!
I am super excited to meet more people and help out the church there!! And hopefully they have laundry facilities! I heard the food in Paraguay is wayy good lol!!! And I will be learning a lot of GuaranĂ­ too hopefully!!!!

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