Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hello everybody!!!!! Thank you so much for the love and I hope
everyone had an amazing week and an amazing Halloween!!!! This week
was good for us!!! We had some amazing lessons and found some new
investigators to teach! We also have been focusing on the less actives and working on getting them back into church! This week we were leaving the apartment and a car stopped us and said that they need us to give their daughter a blessing because she is sick. So we hopped in their car and they drove us to their house and my comp put the oil on her head and I gave the blessing and it was so awesome! Turns out that the sister is a member and their whole family wanted to get baptized but they moved and now they are here and want us to continue to teach them and have them be baptized! It was amazing! The only problem is that they only speak GuaranĂ­ really. They only understand bits and pieces of Spanish so you can get a hint of how hard it is for me to teach them hahah! Good thing my comp speaks GuaranĂ­! The lord is preparing people for us! We got stopped on the side of the street and some guy said he almost hung himself and was showing us the rope he was going to use. In the middle of the street I pull out the book of mormon and shared a scripture with him. He was telling us about the difficulties in his life so I read 2 Nephi 2; 11 and said that we need things to be difficult in this life so we can demonstrate our faith to God! We have taught some good lessons to the less actives and some of them are wayyyy inactive. I feel bad sometimes because I am a little harsh about some things, but they need to know that there is only one way to go and one church to go to! The ward is strong, they have 2 boys that just put their mission papers in and they are helping us out! We have lunch like everyday and the food is amazing! They make some juice thing and it is really good! The members are super nice and the people are nice but have a hard time understanding what we are teaching sometimes. I feel bad sometimes because I walk pretty fast now and I am always telling my comp to hurry hurry!!!! We need to move
move move!!!! I am weird now haha I always need to be talking, I love talking to people!!! For the first time in my mission someone flipped us off lol as we were walking! I did what dad would do, and smiled and gave a thumbs up! We are working super hard in the area and are trying the best we can to learn and learn the way that we can help the ward be more united! That is about all that happened this week, but thank you soo much for all of your support and I hope everyone has an amazing week!!! And Bert hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys soooooo
much!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUU

A trip to the mall on P-day!! NIKE store and Protein powder YES!!!!

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