Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

Hello everyone!!!! This was another good week for us here in
Paraguay!!! I gotta say that Paraguay is the best place ever!!! the
people here are sooo nice and they really just don't have worries about
anything hahaha! We still have been working hard here and trying to
get the less actives to come back to church! We have the one
investigating family who really really want to get baptized and they
keep asking us when it is going to happen hahaha! They are super nice
and have been inviting their neighbors to come to church too! My comp
and I are doing well! Sometimes it is a little hard, but we are
getting through things and trying to do the best we can! I have been
trying to learn a bunch of guarani from him cause he speaks it
fluently! I have learned a bunch of phrases and little by little I
will be able to speak it! We met this one lady this week who is very
religious and as we taught her she knew a lot about the church and had
never talked to the missionaries but after talking to us she is super
interested in the church and wants us to come by more and teach her
some more things! She said we have a lot of knowledge and wants to
learn everything lol! The biggest thing this week for us was keeping
the one family prepared for their baptism and making them feel
comfortable with the people in the church! This week my comp and I
gave talks and I talked about the importance of the members and how
every member has a special place in the work of the Lord! I got them
all excited to do missionary work and to share the gospel with their
friends and with their families! I love you guys soooo much and thank
you sooo much for your support!! I am sooo shocked i have another
nephew and congratulations to Scott and Krystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I want to
see a ton of pictures this week!!!!! I love you guys soooo much and
please be safe this week!!!!!

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