Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 2016 - Week 5 Countdown!

Hello my wonderful family!!! This week was very different for me! I am
finally out of the office and it is super weird! This week I helped
out with the new missionaries coming in and also my replacement in the
office and then I went to the terminal with my new comp Elder Horton!
He is super awesome and super energetic! He is still in his training
so I am finishing his training in Jardin America!! It is a little
branch that has like 30 members come to church on Sundays! We have had
miracles everyday this week!! We will have a baptism on the 26th of
this month and We also went back to my last area and I got to baptize
one of the kids that I taught and it was super awesome to see everyone
again!!! So yesterday we were finishing the day and we were a little
tired but decided to contact for a little bit before going back and we
felt prompted to knock on one house and we did and they let us in and we shared
a message about families and they opened up sooo much to us and gave
us like 5 avocados and also invited us to a barbecue on Thursday! It
is amazing what happens when people actually talk to actual members of
the church because we know that a lot of people say things bad about
the church because they don't know! We left the lesson thanking God for
giving us sooo many blessings this week! It is weird to think that I
will be home in like 5 weeks! I am grateful for this last transfer I
have to find the people that God has in store for me and my companion!
The place we  live in is a dump haha so we are looking for a new place
to stay cause it is really that bad, you cannot touch anything cause
its gross lol! I found out that I also like oreo alfajores and i have
eaten like 4 a day since I have been here too, I am getting a little fat
hahaha! I also got my package and I am sooooooo grateful for you and
all that you do for me thank you for your love and support! Dad I hope
you had the best birthday of your life and we will celebrate next
month when I am with you all!! I cant believe I'll turn 21 this coming
week! Exciting! Thank you sooo much I am taking as much pictures as
possible my last few weeks to be able to remember this wonderful time!
It is super weird cause I had to adjust not being in the office lol I
feel sometimes like I have to do certain things but I don't have as
many responsibilities now! Please be safe this week and Tell everyone
that I love them!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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