Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week was good for me, a normal week, nothing crazy. We had a good p day Monday and Tues we were back to working hard. There are a lot of shopping centers here, one of our less active member that we are reactivating knows the boss of this big shopping center here, he told us to come over because he wanted to talk to us. So we are talking to this older man, he has a lot of money and he owns a lot of the shopping centers in Salto. We taught him, he was raised a mason, but kept saying that he wants to know the truth to feel the spirit. He said he wants to come to church. We also have some members that work in his shopping center that always have to work on Sundays so we are going to try to talk him into maybe getting there Sundays off. Wednesday we had some more lessons and house clapping, Thurs was ward night and we had a meeting with the sister missionaries and set goals and made plans. We are still working on making the members self sufficient, the member do not come to church regularly and we are always trying to make the less active feel more welcomed and strengthen them. We have also been inviting the members, active and inactive, to come with us to appointments to strengthen their testimonies. We had a zone meeting this week too and we played games to see how well we knew our companions, we would have won (we know everything about each other) but we did not play because it would not have been fair but we got the elders all excited to work. Saturday we spent the day inviting people to come to church. We had about 50 come on Sunday which is less than normal but we are working with the members to make Sunday a priority to go to church. Good things are happening here, couple of baptisms here in the 28th. Other than that it was just a nice and normal week. Dad, happy birthday this week! I love you so much and thank you for everything you have done for me, the example you have been my whole life, you are a wonderful dad, I could not have asked for a better one, my best buddy!  Have a wonderful week. Read the scriptures and please be safe!!
Love Elder Eddenfield

I still got it!!

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