Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 2, 2015

(Dallen has been sending recording instead of letters, I can not type as fast as he speaks so I do my best to type his words but its not quite the same, still trying to figure out a way to upload his recordings!!)

Hola mi familia! how are you all, hope everything is spectacular!  This was another amazing week, each day was great! We traveled again Tuesday, close to my old area helping the new missionaries in our zone; because of transfers we have a lot of new missionaries. It was so good to see elder Ramos, my mtc companion! He is doing really well! He is a really nice guy and I am happy he is in our zone!  We have some new sisters in our area now too and they are nice. We did not get back to our area until Thursday then we visited Mirta to check on her and get her ready for her upcoming baptism, and we got everything ready for that. We also had English class on Friday which was very good. We had fun at ward night!  I did not lose in ping pong! We have a less active guy coming back to church who came to ward night, he brought a friend who is interested in the church and we are teaching him too, his name is Marcos.  We should have a few baptisms this month and we are really excited about that. Mirta got baptized on Saturday and we were so happy to have a lot of support from the members there, made her feel very special!!  She has a strong testimony!  It was a perfect day for her!  We ate at the Brazilian place again, they would not less us pay, and we see a lot of potential in them.  We did not have a big turnout at church today but it was a great fast and testimony meeting, I taught class in Sunday school and it went well. Mirta received the Holy Ghost and it was amazing! We were tired today, it is very hard to fast because we walk so much and it is so hot. But it is important and we feel the blessings from it. We are trying to connect a couple of our new members, playing matchmaker! We are excited about it and hope it goes well!! They are both super excited about learning and reading every piece of material we have for them, they really would be a perfect couple. I will let you know how it goes. We have had a lot of great lessons with investigators and less actives this week, one a 18 year old that is reactivating and wants to go on a mission so we are trying to help him as much as we can. This area is a very difficult place to live for the people here, Satan is so strong, and there are so many bad influences here but it is all they know,  this is the culture that they grew up with,  it is sad. But I am happy to be here, there are so many opportunities for us to share the gospel and teach la better way of life. Our message is always well received.  I love you all so much!  Please keep reading your scriptures, saying prayers! Be safe and I love you all so much!

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