Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

I love you guys so much, more and more every day. We had another great week, a little crazy but we love working here! We are seeing a lot of great things happen here. Our zone is doing really well! We have another baptism this week too!! We went to another area to help some Elders in our zone, there are not many members in their area and the members do not come regularly to church but we went to visit all the members to get to know them and to invite them to church. While there we found an older lady pushing a wheel barrel along the road, we offered to help and we pushed it to her house and shared with her a lesson of the restoration, it went well and she said she would come to church (however,she did not). And we also met a 17 year old and shared a lesson with him as well and gave him a book of Mormon, he seemed very eager and excited to learn. Back in our area,we had fun with our investigators this week as well, they came to ward night and we played charades and hot potato, they all really love it and have fun and it is fun for us as well to help them get to know and support each other. The youth here are really a great blessing, very nice and welcoming to the investigators, it is such a blessing! There are not many, but the are such good members! Our baptism March 6th is a 15 year old Jorge, he loves coming on visits with us and wants to be a missionary, and he is friends with all the youth, he is a really good kid. And Mirta will be baptized this coming Saturday and she is super excited. We try to protect our investigators because Satan is working really hard here. Especially when a baptism date is set, Satan puts little things in their way but we know that God is on our side and we will win! Everything was great at church on Sunday too!! We asked Estabon, our new member, to teach Sunday school and he accepted and we are working with him on setting goals and he is super excited. I love you all, keep praying, reading the scriptures, going to church. Little things are great things in Gods eyes. He does not ask a lot, it’s simple and it helps us to grow and become stronger, that’s what we teach everyday! I love you all so much and have a great week!!!

He was excited to find his favorite hair jell there! I am still working on getting last weeks recordings uploaded!!

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