Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hello my family. How’s everyone doing? I love you so very much. This week was pretty crazy, I went to my first leadership meeting, it was great, a little intimidating with all the leaders and the President. He is so awesome and such a spiritual giant. He is amazing and truly an inspired man! I learned so much. We set goals for our area and will now implement them in our zone. Unfortunately there was an emergency transfer is our area, they took our sister missionaries away to Posadas so now we have the entire area all by ourselves!! President must have a lot of confidence in us to have such a big responsibility, our area is huge! A cool experience we had this week. We went to teach a lesson about family history to an investigator and before we even started our lesson she started telling us about loved ones that had passed away so we felt really inspired about the lesson we had prepared and she loved it. She told us a crazy story about a baby that was aborted in her family, a 4 month old fetus and they took the fetus and put it in a jar with alcohol and kept it for 3 years!! So Creepy!!  The sister missionaries had a baptism scheduled this weekend so we will be doing it for them, we are excited! We have one of our own too, Roberto, is in a wheelchair so both Elder Ollerton and I are going to baptize him together! His mother, 90 years old, is a recent convert and now her son will be baptized! We are so excited. We were walking down the street the other day and this punk kid that was on something was calling us names and being obnoxious and I was getting really annoyed, I turned around to say something but just then as I looked down the street I saw one of the sisters investigators Estabon and he looked upset so we went over to talk to him, he was having a bad day but we were able to help and make him feel better. It was cool that in our frustration we happen to see Estabon and were able to help him, God is looking out for us! We had never even been in that area before. Also, another guy on a motorcycle stopped to tell us he was inactive but wants us to start teaching him so we are excited about that too!  What we are really trying to do now is work with the less actives!  We have been having a lot of success with them. We have really felt inspired lately which lessons we should be teaching to our inactive members and investigators. Another cool thing is that we got permission from the President to teach a family in Brazil!! It will be Portuguese only! It will be a test of our Portuguese!! We are so excited to go this week!  I love you guys, you’re my inspiration, I tell people all the time how awesome you are!! Tell more people to write me!! Have a great week! I love you so much and please be safe!!

Pictures from the leadership meeting and we ate at McDonalds!!!

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