Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hello all!!!!! This week was another amazing week! We did a lot of
traveling for transfers so for the first part of the week we were not in
our area. We got to our area on Thursday, and we have new elders in
our area now! One is an American named Elder Farnsworth and other is a
Paraguayan named Elder Cano! As we let them loose in their area, we
got a call like 2 hours later saying that they were lost. haha so we
left and went to help them and we went and visited a lot of members so
that they could get to know them! That night we had a branch night and
we watched a movie which was great and the elders got to know some
more members! On Friday we worked a little in our area and taught some
recent converts! The thing that we are really trying to focus on now
it the less actives. we have been thinking that God has blessed us by
giving us so many baptisms and people that just fall in our hands to
teach. We are also thinking that he wants us to focus on the less
actives because even though we are baptizing, the church isn't growing
like it should. So on Saturday, we went to the president of the
branch's house and asked him for more less actives, and we got like 5
new families! By that time it was a little late to go and find them
but at least we have more now! On Sunday we had 58 in church and we
had a good amount of men there for the priesthood! We were super happy
about that!! Also we were happy that there were a few less actives
that i didn't know, that just showed up at church! and 2 new
investigators that i didn't know! Man we were happy!!! We finished the
day by teaching the MTC class for the youth and we talked about
testimonies and how a testimony doesn't have to be something very
profound. We can have a testimony about a certain principle in the
gospel. The thing is that when we share our testimony with others, we
need to do it with sincerity so that the spirit touches theirs hearts!We then traveled here to Encarnacion and I am with Elder Thomas!!!Soooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!! I love you guys soooo much and please be safe this week!!!!!!!!

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