Thursday, April 2, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hola!! I love you guys so much! Thank you for the birthday song! I admit I shed some tears! We had a great week at church again! We gave talks today mine was on how we need to love others by Dallin Oaks from his last conf. talk. We had a good week this past week too! We worked with and talked with our investigators all went well with them and there interviews! My companion was a very sick this week so he needed to get some rest, he may have strep throat and I gave him a blessing. He is feeling a little better today. Thursday we went to Brazil!! Wow it is so nice and clean there!!! It has rules and laws like the US like wearing seat belts, helmets and no talking on phone while driving. It was so nice, our investigators were so happy to have us there. We sent a message to the president because there are alot of people interested in the church there and there are 12 members in the area we were in but there is no church building close to them. Hopefully we can get some missionaries in that area soon!! Saturday we had a baptism, we have been so blessed here, I know I say that every week but it is soo true, we have found some amazing people that are so excited about the church! Next week we will have another baptism! The Brazilian restaurant couple love us coming in and teaching them as well, they are going to come to church and they feed us so well, they are the most humble people I know! They get so excited to hear us speak in English and teach them some words. On my birthday, it was a great day, I got a lot of calls from missionaries here and the people from the ward too! One family made me my favorite food here and the best cake ever!!! They have another gift for me on Tuesday! My comp burned a pair of pants today for his 18 month mark on the mission!! People thought we were crazy and that was funny! Thank you for everything! I feel your love and support you are my inspiration!! Stay safe I love you all soo much!! You are the best! Tell people to write me!!!

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