Monday, August 18, 2014

Argentina Week 9!!!! (August 18, 2014)

Hola mis amigos!! This week was really great!!! We prepared our 3
investigators Mirta, Paulina, and Yamila for baptism on Saturday and
everything went as planned! We had to go to the el dorado church because
there is a baptismal font and it was a good turn out because we told
the missionaries there to bring their investigators so they could see
what a baptism looks like and feel the spirit too! I got the
opportunity to baptize paulina and mirta and it was awesome!! It feels
weird now because whenever we visit them we know they are members now and not investigators,
but they are awesome and we are super excited for their baptism! Also in
church on Sunday i got to confirm Yamila as a member and give the gift
of the Holy Ghost! That was a great experience and a little nerve
racking because it was all in Spanish haha! Also we find out that her
son wants to be baptized too so we are going to start teaching him the
lessons and hopefully within the next few weeks he will be baptized
too! The only problem is, is that her husband hasn’t really showed any
interest for us and we have been trying to work little by little
gaining his trust, but the family is really nice and will be great
members! Also there was one of the friends of a kid in our ward who is 12 years old
and visited church this Sunday, one leader from El Dorado gave
a talk about paying tithing and how it is important and the kid paid
tithing right after church! It was amazing! He says he wants to
receive the Holy Ghost and the priesthood so we have been starting to
teach him!! This week went well and I am excited to see what is yet to
come for Puerto Esperanza!!! It is a holiday here today, I do not know what holiday but all of Argentina just like shuts down for the day haha, it seems like they have a holiday everyday because
all the stores close at noon and they take a nap until like 4 and re
open their stores lol! It is outrageous haha we got lucky the computers weren’t
closed! I had a classic Dallen moment, spilling milk! But don’t worry I didn’t let any go to
waste as you see in the picture!!! hahaha jkjk! The food in the picture is the best food here! I eat it literally everyday!! Laundry is sooooo weird doing it all by hand, that is what I am doing in one picture where it looks like I am in a brick hole!!!!, I miss having fresh clean clothes everyday! Lol! I am glad everyone is doing well at home
and I love you guys sooooooo much!!! Have another awesome week!!! te

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