Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hello!!!!!!!! I loved your emails thank you sooo much for the love and
I really cannot wait to see you guys in a week and a half!!!!!! It
will be the best day ever for me!!! We will see how you think my
English is!!! I don’t think it is bad but we will see!! hahaha this
week was a great week!!! We worked sooooooo hard this week trying to
find other people to teach and inviting and getting better known
here!! We had 30 other lessons this week!! Kyle and scot should know
that that is a ton!!! We found 16 new people and have 5 baptismal
dates!!! It was a great week!!! I am trying to take control and really
show the people here who we are! I am also showing my companion how to
be nice and very happy with the people and be very excited to talk to
them! There is no greater work than that which we are doing right now
so we should be happy! I always think of Jesus when we leave and how
happy he was and nice he was with the people! He was the best example
for us and if we try to be like him we will progress! We have been
preparing Rumi and her boyfriend for their marriage and she will have
her document to be able to be married in about 13 days so we are
preparing her and her family for marriage and baptism! We are also
teaching the Brazilian and he has been to church 3 times now! He
smokes a lot but he really likes the church and I think within time he
will be baptized! This week I was working on how to be friendlier
and how to have animo always with the people because we get tired and
sometimes it is hard to always be animated and work at a high level.
Another thing that happened this week was one of our future
missionaries is going to Chile Antofagasta!!! I was sooo pumped! I
told him about Kyle and how he loved it there and how much of a beast
he was there and how he will meet people that Kyle taught and
baptized! The other future missionary is going to Peru! I was so happy
for them and their decisions! My comp and I gave a talk in church on
Sunday and I congratulated them again and I talked about baptism! I
linked a lot of scriptures into my talk and how baptism is important
if Jesus told his disciples "go ye therefore to all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of The Holy Ghost"
so it must be pretty important! Also when Peter talked to the people
about how baptism is for the remission of our sins, so that means when
people have sins they need to be baptized to be cleansed by the
atonement of Jesus Christ!! So that means children do not need to be
baptized because Jesus himself said come to me children and said they
are like the Kingdom my Father! They are innocent! Sorry I am going
off right now about baptism haha but it is important! Also this
Christmas we should be spending time with the family and remember the
birth of our Savior and remember everything he did for us! I love
everyone and I really can’t tell you how excited i am to see you guys
it has been super long I really haven’t seen you in over half of a
year! That is crazy!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!! Have an
amazing week!!

It is SUPER HOT here!! But we have a nice air conditioner that keeps us cool in the night! We have a Christmas devotional thing this week and I am going  to sing with other missionaries in front of like 50 missionaries!!

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