Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hello everybody!!! This week was a good week for us here!!! It was a
little crazy!! We set up a marriage date for our investigator! 
They will be married on Wednesday!!!!! Also we will be baptizing 
 her after the wedding!!! Then the next week we should be 
baptizing her sons and then we will hopefully get her husband too when he stops
smoking and drinking! There are a lot of people who drink here and
this one guy called us over to his house and was amazed that I am from
the United States and was telling his family that I am from the US and
he was so drunk, he kissed our hands before we left haha! Sometimes it
is a little scary when they follow you around but it is all good!
Things are very chill here! Church was amazing yesterday!!! We had
been teaching a Brazilian guy, he only speaks Portuguese and he
came to church and so did our investigating family AND a less active!
Some came from the sister missionaries too! We also had the
assistant with us because his companion finishes his mission tomorrow
so things were a little crazy! We have a new assistant and he is from
San Diego! He looks Latino but he is from there! It was cool being
with the assistant for a day and to see how he works! We are now trying
to work on little things in the ward like how they pass the sacrament and
also home teaching and some activities for the youth! We had a talent
show this week and I dribbled my basketball!! I was trying to send my
video but it wouldn’t let me send it! :( I still got some moves!!! It is
really fun here and we are trying to make the ward more unified and
also we are trying to be more unified as companions! Little by
little!!! I love you guys sooo much and I hope everyone will be
safe!!! I cannot wait to hear from you next week!!!! I LOVE YOU!!

I am staying here with my companion for the next 6 weeks!
Christmas is coming, be getting the skype ready!! I hope to find a big 
computer to see you guys!! Its weird that the year
 is almost over!! I will have 8 months in the mission soon!! 
I really like it, it is not easy, but I like it!! Also, I have found some new 
ways to lift weights, I am going to get very fit again!

This is funny cause nobody understands English hahahahha!!!!

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