Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014 (Holiday yesterday in Paraguay, so P-day today))

Hello everybody!!!!! I am always happy to hear how everyone is
doing!!! It is the holiday season and Christmas is around the
corner!!!! You really don’t know how excited I am to finally see your
faces and to be able to talk to everyone!!!! Families are the most
important thing in life!! I think I forgot to tell everyone that we
had transfers and my comp and I will stay for 6 more weeks here!!!
That is exciting!! We have a new sister missionary here and she is
from Guatemala and now we have 2 sister missionaries who are super
super small lol!! This week was a good week for us! I gotta say this
week we had a lot of the same questions asked to us! A lot of people
asked if we believed in Jesus Christ or if we believe in God! First i
told them that the church is called the Church of JESUS CHRIST and
they were like ohh.. And then they said that we only believe in Joseph
Smith as our God and we told them no he was only a prophet who was an
instrument in the hands of God. We had those questions asked to us I
think in every lesson! It is amazing how many people talk bad about
the church and say things and believe things that they don’t really
even know. This week we worked with a future missionary in our ward
and he helped a ton! We studied with him to help him know what the
mission is like and we were studying Preach My Gospel and helping him
with any questions. We are working now to get the documents of Rumi our
investigator so that she can be married so now we need to wait like 20
more days. We had 5 investigators at church and the Brazilian guy came
again and he loves the church!! It is soo amazing here, the people
will be having a conversation in Spanish, then the Brazilian will talk
in Portuguese and then everyone talks to him in Portuguese, and then
someone will talk in GuaranĂ­ and then the people will start talking
all in GuaranĂ­! That is how church is here lol there are a lot of
languages! It is weird that it is almost Christmas I have been
thinking about ways that I can serve others and make others have a
great holiday season! We talked this week about the greatest gift we
can receive on Christmas. When we read John 3:16 it says, “God sent his
only begotten son”, and that is true! God sent his son to earth and he
died for us and atoned for our sins. Now as we are in the holiday
season we should enjoy time with the family and think about our
redeemer Jesus Christ. We also should share this message with others
so that they can remember Jesus. I really cannot wait to see you
guys!!!! You really don’t know how much I love you and my love grows
everyday!!! I hope that everyone has a spectacular week and please be

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