Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hello everybody!!! Wow how much I love everyone!! I cant believe we
are in 2015!!! That is crazy!!! Happy New Years!!! New Years in
Paraguay is crazy!! There were soooooo many fireworks i cant even
believe it! There are no laws really so the people do whatever they
want with their fireworks! but it sure didn't feel like home! There is
not the holiday season spirit here haha!! But all was well we ate a
ton of food!!! People always ask me if we ever have barbecues cause
they have them only on special occasions and I tell them that its
normal to have a steak or chicken 3 times a week hahaha! This week
went well for us! It was a little crazy only cause it is the holidays
but we are doing well! We are still waiting on our baptism cause the
lady doesn't have her documentation! We are patiently waiting! A few of
the days this week people didn't really wanna talk to us but we never
got down on ourselves we just kept going and finally towards the end
of the week people started talking to us and we had some success!! As
we were walking the streets people would call us over and be like what
are your names!? And we had some great lessons with people who are
very interested in the church!!! Hopefully some of those people will
progress and learn more about the church! We had a great Sunday and I
went up and bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how every
member needs to read the book! The prophets wrote everything for our
time and we can learn soooo much things from them!! When we are
reading the scriptures we increase our knowledge and also we have the
spirit with us! Those are some of the blessings we receive when we
read! The biggest blessing is the testifying truth that Jesus really
came to the Americas and taught the people! There is no doubt in my
mind that he came! I encouraged them to test the Book of Mormon and
see how they feel when they read it! I encourage everyone back home to
to read the book and see how much you learn and how much more you feel
close to your Heavenly Father!!! I love you all and please be safe
this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rohayhu eterei!!

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