Monday, January 25, 2016

January 11 2016

This was an amazing week here in Jardín!! We had some amazing lessons
and we have contacted more these past couple days than i have
contacted in my whole mission but i love it!! We really do talk to
everyone and have some great conversations in the streets! Gotta say
that it is really hard to enter into a house so we try to teach
something small outside and try to set a time to come by again next
time. I will share one experience where we visited a less active
member and we talked to him a lot about his mission and the people
that he knew and served. We shared Alma 17:2-3 when alma was reunited
with the sons of Mosiah and he saw that they had done a lot of fasting
and praying and how they had the spirit of prophesy and taught with the
power of God. We asked him how he would feel going back to his mission
and seeing the people he had taught and asking him if he would want
that they were still strong in the church and of course he said yes!
We both shared our testimonies about the importance of church and also
getting through the challenges that Life puts in front of us. I like
the example where we need to picture someone who is sewing something
and from their point of view, they can tell what the object will be
and it looks good. If we were to look at the thing that is being sewed
from the bottom it would look ugly because all we are able to see is
the strings. God is the sewer and he is looking down and making the
object {us} and he knows how beautiful it is. So whenever we are going
through trials we always need to think of God and how he is molding us
or "sewing us" into something that is just beautiful! The less active
and his wife came to church on Sunday and they are super happy!!! we
have now our calendar for lunches this week so we will start to know
where the members live hahah!! it has been a humbling experience to be
here in Jardín and I am super excited to be here and be with my comp
he is awesome!!! I am learning more and more everyday and also trying
to help as many people as possible here in our area. We feel that
within the next few weeks we should start to see some great progress
and hopefully have some baptisms coming up! The Lord has been blessing
us and we definitely can feel that! Sometimes we are in the lessons
and we just look at each other and we just know that God wanted us to
be there. I have been humbled by the calling I have had for the past 8
months and i have loved the opportunity to serve other missionaries! i
am not sure if i will still be an assistant this next transfer but it
truly has been awesome! I love you all and I hope you have the best
week of your lives!! Read the scriptures they will bless your life!
The scripture Alma 26:26-27 came up a lot this week so please take a
minute to read it and ponder it! I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!
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