Monday, January 25, 2016

January 18, 2016

This was an amazing week here on the mission!! I think this was the
hardest I have ever worked with my companion!! We contacted everyone
we saw and we had some amazing lessons with some great people!
Hopefully within the next couple weeks we will have a baptism! We
found this one family Martinez and they have a ton of questions about
the church and they said they were going to go to church but they
didn’t end up making it:( we have had a great attitude and I think that
the people in our area are seeing the happiness that we bring because
we smile and say hi to everyone! We also offer service to everyone we
see too!! I don’t have that much time to write this week but the lord
has been helping us here in our area and we are very grateful for the
things that we are seeing here. I love this place and there are a ton
of great members who are willing to help us out! I love everyone soooo
much and I hope everyone has a spectacular week!!! I LOVE YOU

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