Monday, January 25, 2016

Januray 25, 2016

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a spectacular week! This week for
us was very good! We are still working like crazy and have found some
amazing people to teach! It is super hard getting people to come to
church so we have been a little bit more direct on the invitations to
go to church! Some of the people are willing to come, but when Sunday
comes around they are too lazy to actually go! We are trying to find
 different ways to get people to come and also know the importance
of going to church. We hear a lot of people say that they themselves
are the church and they just get confused with the scripture that says
your body is a temple. We taught a family this week who said they were
invited to go to church by this member family who we didn’t know of. We
ended up finding this family on Saturday and the lady hadn’t been to
church in like 2 years and we invited her and she came on Sunday with
her mom! We are trying to work now with part member families and
trying to get them to realize the importance of having the whole
family part of the church and the importance of going to the temple!
We did divisions for the first time in our area with the zone leaders
in Posadas and it was amazing to be able to work in our own area and
have them see some of the people we are working with! I think that
they left more excited to go back in their areas and work hard! We
destroyed our area and had like 10 lessons planned for each of us
haha! This week there are transfers too and I will be staying! I might
have one more as an assistant or ill die here! I can’t believe how fast
time goes! I have 12 weeks left! We will have 13 missionaries come in
this week and we are going to do things differently! We are going to
split up and have them go to different areas and get the real
experience of working and teaching!!! My comp and I will have one new
missionary each in our area and we are going to help them be
comfortable and really enjoy the mission like they should! This past
Sunday I gave a talk and I spoke on the things that helped me
strengthen my testimony! It was weird speaking in front of over 100
people hahaha it is giving me a taste of what will happen when I get
home lol! The members here are awesome! We have lunch everyday with
them and they are just super nice to us! My comp and I have been
trying to eat well and stay fit lol but it seems harder and harder to
eat healthy with all the cookies and sweet things that are here lol!
It has been a fun time here in Jardin and we are working our hardest
to find the people that God has planned for us to teach! One thing I
learned this week is that we are not the teachers, but the Spirit is
the one who teaches and who testifies of the words we say, which
touches the person and helps them be converted. It is their choice to
accept or not and it is our duty to help them recognize the spirit
when it comes! I love you all please have a spectacular week!!!!!!!!

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